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Need plants…


Well just floating stem plants like elodea (anacharis), hornwort, pennywort, naja grass, plants like that. Not looking for other floating plants like frogbit, water lettuce, etc. as I have plenty of that. Just need the others to create territories and space for the ranchu and macrostomas. Both tanks do not have a lot of substrate so I cannot plant any rooted plants. Looking for 1+ gallon/at least a medium flat rate box full of the plants. Let me know if you have that much with total price. Thanks!

go to aquabid for this!

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All of today’s tracking numbers or ETA’s went out!
I was able to ship some of those I told Tuesday on Monday. If I did, you should have received a tracking number.
If I told you Monday shipping and you did not get an email from me PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I think I got all of them though.

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A TON of shipments went out today. I will send tracking (to those applicable) after I am out of work tonight, so around midnight.

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can you keep plants on gravel or would sand be preferable?

That is a matter of opinion! I prefer gravels like Eco-Complete, Flourite or Activ-Flora. Others like sand better! Some of those gravel brands also make sand. It’s really your choice. Regardless of substrate, make sure it is deep enough to keep down plants and root tabs, while not too deep as extremely deep areas can lead to problems in the future.

Either will work. It is up to you what you prefer!

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Every plant has been claimed! I can’t believe it. Thank you so much everyone.

If a payment falls through, or anything along those lines, I will re-post what becomes re-available. I doubt this will happen though.

A note to all purchasers: Remember, these plants were shipped to me, placed in a holding tank and shipped out to you. They may not be in perfect shape, but DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY. 

  • If it’s a stem plant, remove all of the dead material. As long as you have a piece of alive stem (which I’m sure you will have way more alive than this) the plant should produce new growth.
  • If it’s a rhizome plant, and the rhizome is alive, the plant will be fine.
  • If it’s a crypt, the base “node” is all that needs to be intact for the plant to regrow. Remember, when entering new environments, crypts can under go a process that is called “crypt melt.” The plant may completely die off, all except the “node.” The crypt will ALMOST ALWAYS grow back completely healthy.

Thank you again for the overwhelming support! Once all of the payments come through, I will announce the final donation total. I can already tell that we made way more than I expected. 

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