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More on water parameters

Although the people offended me initially, I’m learning a lot from them about kH! Still don’t really like how they are talking to me, but I’m putting it aside for the knowledge :|

For example, bettas should not have kH increased by baking soda (sodium bicarb.) as the salt isn’t good for them. I feel like the minimal salt they get from Seachem Replenish is fine, so I will be cutting out the baking soda.

Now we are discussing if I should even add baking soda to the platy tank, and if I should increase their GH too. 

This discussion lead me to confirm that sodium bicarb. is okay for axolotls. If you look at commonly used solutions to increase lotl water hardness, sodium is all over it. No changes needed there.

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So I found this tub in my basement that would make a great little pond with some minimal work. I don’t know exactly how big it is, but it could probably house 2 or 3 goldfish (keeping in mind that each goldfish needs 15 or more gallons). 

I am not a goldfish keeper! I do bettas and tropical community tanks! I blame fishblr 100%

I’m moving to a tiny apartment in Boston on Sunday and don’t have the space for a goldfish pond. So that nips that in the bud. But now that tub is on my mind and just…. asdio;jkda. I blame you all. This is all your faults :-P

There is always space if you try hard enough ;)

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My parents aren’t taking the fact that my cat hasn’t peed in 24+ hours seriously. He NEEDS to get to a vet NOW. And they won’t let me take him and I can’t go to the bank to pay for him since it’s closed and he’s gonna fucking die if people don’t take me seriously.

He needs to be assessed and probably catheterized to release the urine and SLOWLY. Releasing too much at one time can cause spasms. Then they can find out whats wrong. ALSO if he all of a sudden has relief RUSH TO THE VET.
You’re vet can bill you so you can pay on a day the bank is open, right? They won’t refuse your care (I HOPE NOT)

Best of luck.

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I can’t say this enough

ASSESS someone’s knowledge BEFORE trying to educate. It is SO INCREDIBLY offensive to be “educated” on something you already know. 

This applies to the fish community. You need to check peoples’ blogs and history before attacking them for care. Assess what they already know, praise them for what they’re doing right (even if minimal) and then provide them with new information or greater understanding.

In forums, YOU NEED TO LOOK AT PEOPLES’ OTHER POSTS before trying to educate. 

I kid you not, someone though I kept axolotls, bettas and platys in the same tank. It is offensive to me to act like I did not already know this. They don’t even have the excuse of “not knowing” because if they looked at my previous posts, they would have seen all of my SEPARATE tanks.


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