Re-Post Fish Community August


To participate just answer the corresponding question for the number of the day during August and tag them under #WhatTheFishAugust. 

The blog fishmonthaugust will try its best to reblog everyone’s answer under this tag! If you post your answer of a day that already happened or has not happened yet, this blog will unlikely reblog it since it’s chronological. 

  1. First well-cared for fish you’ve ever taken cared of? 
  2. What is your set up? Your fish, tanks and their sizes? (picture)
  3. What is your filter(s) of choice? 
  4. Dream tank? Feel free to add pictures but source or link them!
  5. Favorite fish/aquatic animal?
  6. Did you cycle before or after getting a fish? Do you cycle now? Are you cycled?
  7. Substrate you want to use/dream substrate? (can be unrealistic)
  8. Top 3 favorite tumblr users that are part of the fish community?
  9. Least favorite fish related chore?
  10. Can your aquatic animal do any tricks? 
  11. First fishblr tumblr you followed.
  12. Any plants? Silk, real or plastic? 
  13. Favorite fish related chore?
  14. Favorite betta tail type?
  15. An Aqua-scape you wish you made yourself. (source it if there’s a picture)
  16. Favorite fish on aqua bid today.
  17. Where do you live country wise? Is it hard to own a fish where you live personally?
  18. What is your preferred decor? Driftwood, rocks, plants?
  19. Substrate of use? 
  20. Selfie with or without you of your favorite fish.
  21. Best experience in local fish store?
  22. Worst experience in local fish store?
  23. Favorite aquarium plant?
  24. Salt or freshwater?
  25. Worst fish pun you’ve heard.
  26. Favorite aquatic animal you love but no one else does?
  27. How many fish do you have? 
  28. Best fish pickup line.
  29. Has your love for fish ever gotten in the way of a relationship? Friends, family, etc
  30. Do you want to join up with other fish-community people and open a fish store? 
  31. How do you see yourself in 5+ years? Do you still own aquatic organisms? Have you gotten out of control? Or are you still trying to cycle a tank?


Getting impatient. ..


How often do I need to test my tank to make sure it’s cycling? And at what level should nitrates be at to be fully cycled?

daily if you can. It’s not really where the nitrates are, but how fast the ammonia and nitrite turn into nitrate. You’re looking for ammonia and nitrite going to 0ppm starting at 4 ppm ammonia in 12 hours

just-a-mermaid-in-disguise asked:

Hi, what do you do when the filter intake starts to look slimey and gross ? Is that the bacteria ?


No, you can’t see the bacteria! There may be some living in the slime, but not much. Clean it! The bacteria live inside the filter media, not around the intake, and they are too small for the eye to see.


if its blue/green/purple it could be cyanobacteria which is like an algae and bad. No it will not hurt your cycle, but use dechlorinated water.


'I have my bettas in a 20 gal tankk. All four of them. All males. A butterfly, veil tail, crown tail, and double tail. No barriers. Silk plants, heater, filter. They get a long just fine and are very happy :) No chasing, no nipping.'


What do I even SAY

I’m sorry I shouldn’t rant about other sites here but I simply cannot handle this

they’re probably all so stressed that they don’t even care anymore.